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AI-Powered Product Carbon Footprints

Detailed emission calculation for your products & raw materials.
Easy as never before.

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tech-enabled, efficient
carbon analytics for every industry

instantly available, intuitive
and easy to use


high level of
granularity down to the scope 3 input of every request


built by experts, easily comprehensible, compliant and according to all relevant regulations and standards


same data base and structure for all requests, highly customizable to your company &
industry needs

The Product Core

simple and powerful

Developed by industry experts, our engine generates accurate, reliable, and comprehensive carbon footprint estimations for products, raw materials, and services. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, it can not only analyze but also predict and suggest ways to minimize the environmental impact. Getting insights into Scope 3 emissions has never been so easy.

Our Mission

Empower humanity to stay within the world's boundaries by delivering instant, easily accessible information as a base for decision making.


Our Tool is the essential partner for every player in the supply chain, from raw material producers to end-product manufacturers, ensuring environmental accountability and innovation at every step.

Consulting firms benefit from our white-label solution, offering seamless integration with their existing services to add value to client engagements.

SMBs benefit from it's simple usability to analyze their emissions without major investment in tools and in-house specialists.

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