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  • What do I have to pay using the worldscore Shopify app as a merchant?
    Generally, the worldscore Shopify App is free of charge. We do however have to invoice merchants in order to receive payments, that have previously been made by their customers. The process is as follows: Customer orders at the merchant's Shopify Shop and compensates the order with the worldscore app The customer pays the order as well as the worldscore compensation in the merchant's store Payment is received by the merchant worldscore charges the merchant monthly outside the Shopify Billing API to receive the total amount of compensation contribution that has been made my the merchant's customers.
  • What are my benefits as a merchant?
    Well, isn't saving the world a little bit more without much effort great? We know! 😉 But apart from that, studies show that when aiming for a collaborative effort and focussing on transparency of compensation measures and projects, offering consumer credits can result in higher consumer engagement and loyalty as well as higher checkout conversion values. Sounds to good to be true? Have a try!
  • What projects are being supported with the donations?
    When talking about compensation, it is essential to know which projects are being supported. We at worldscore know that. With our partners, we run in-depth Nature Impact Analytics to understand project quality. Our compensations... - are fully vetted by data-driven assessment - have a proven climate, social and nature impact - consist of a carefully compiled portfolio of different projects, regions and asset classes to maximize impact, mitigate risk and enforce integrity
  • How can I get to know more?
    Learn some more and request a demo
  • How do I install the worldscore App?
    Please note: So far the worldscore App can only be used by Shopify Plus stores. Installing the "worldscore 0 Emission Checkout" App is fairly easy and does not require in-depth technical knowledge. Simply follow these steps: 1. Install the worldscore App like a regular Shopify App 2. In your shop, click on "Apps" and afterwards open the "worldscore 0 Emission Checkout" App 3. Click "Create (or reset) the compensation product" to establish the offsetting product and it variants 4. Enter the Checkout Editor of your store -> Settings -> Checkout -> Customize 5. Add App block -> click "+ Add app block" on the left bottom corner. You can now position the widget via drag & drop. Afterwards click "Save" Now every store visitor will find the "worldscore 0 Emission Checkout" App in the checkout. Fur further details, please check our Screencast or contact us.
  • Can I use the worldscore App without having a Shopify Plus store?
    So far, the worldscore App can only be used by Shopify Plus stores. Please contact us to be informed as soon as the app is also available for normal stores.
  • How can I hide the worldscore product from my store?
    If you have a navigable collection on your store which contains All Products, please follow the below steps to hide the worldscore products from your product listing: First, log in to your Shopify Admin Dashboard > Click on Collections > Click on the Create Collection button. Select the Collection conditions to include all of the products except the Carbon Emission Compensation. To do so, you may use the following steps: Choose any Title of the collection. Make sure that the Collection type is Automated. Please make sure that the Product must match field should be set to all. Use the following conditions: Set the Product Title is not equal to "Carbon Emission Compensation". Set the Product Price is greater than € "0". Click Save. To apply the collection to the store’s list, head over to Sales Channels > Online Store > Navigation Select the menu you wish to remove the worldscore product from. Add the new collection (remember your name from above) in place of All Products and save changes. In case you have any links in your store that link to All Products, also change them within the store editor Do you have any further questions? Feel free to reach out to us at
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